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First round group stage opponents two goals to give "gifts" is still useless harvest draw Argentina, wholesale soccer jerseys ushered challenge defending champion Uruguay. Although expensive for the defending champion Uruguay in the current America's Cup is not being optimistic, because after Fran old, the team is very dependent on the Barcelona striker Soares, now the Soviet Union had been suspended due to the absence of teeth, Uruguay can bring Argentina threat is limited. The first leg of the technical and tactical level botched unbearable Martino, in the second round group stage will hand over the kind of responses?
Argentina side, cheap soccer jerseys after Zabaleta back injury, replace the first round of group matches starting Longkaliya back right back position. Bigeliya then replaced in the last game midfield hair

Banega to play flat. Before the striker took the initiative Qingzhan Higuain and Carlos Tevez continue to serve as a substitute, Martino maintained the first game of the striker configuration. Tabarez it appears little choice, the team will focus on more that the only striker Cavani general operations cheap soccer jerseys online, Godin led the defense still is trustworthy.

Second, a person revitalize undervalued Argentine midfielder, abandoned ball Tavares zone defense locked passing lanes

Martino remains stubbornly stuck to their emphasis on the sidewalk and cross in the game, Argentina's attack still more "broad-brush." Although the master of the ball a lot of time, cheap authentic jerseys but the first game and did not bring much Albiceleste substantial threat to the opponent's defense.

After being replaced Banega midfielder Bigeliya engineering, Pastore got more ball. During Argentina coach Javier Elijah, Mary is more retreated to midfield as an offensive initiator, buy soccer jerseys with Martino will restore Mary to the wing, Paris midfield really ushered in the stage show.
And the game's first threat on goal in Argentina from the first nine minutes. Pastore had the ball, this time has been transposed to the right of the high-speed plug Mary Pastore ball successfully, endo Dimaliya direct shot, Muslera saved. This time can be seen with, cheap replica jerseys retreated to midfield Macy Pastore in there when the ball did not play a role, but if Mary can and follow-up in the penalty area collusion teammates, perhaps more threats. Argentina's ground offensive This is the focus of carry forward.

Meanwhile, the race to the game, even this season, Manchester United's game can be seen, buy wholesale jerseys Mary was a very left wing struggle, "Angel" is more adept at cutting in the right, so he left Martino Crossing the road to play the hand play is not suitable for the full range of spiritual needs of the former Real Madrid winger holding space.
Another interesting phenomenon is that Messi and Pastore somewhat overlapping positions, the game several times after Messi and Pastore retracement of convergence, cheap wholesale jerseys which organized attack, the two wings are when forward runs assists backs cheap jerseys wholesale, Messi running some do not know their direction. Uruguay game against Argentina striker who do defense limit is very much in place. Tabarez's team thinking clearly, Wholesale Jerseys From China in the absence of offensive initiator case decisively abandoned the ball, after shrinking the field waiting for the opponent to make mistakes.
Uruguay players generally take zone defense, wholesale jerseys from china free shipping rather than on a bold rush to win the ball as quickly as possible. As shown, the players for each position are guaranteed opponent without the ball, "someone to take care of." But also a player on the team-mates after the rush to protect the air when behind.

Third, cheap wholesale jerseys from china to counter the lack of efficiency Uruguay fall short biography rhythm disorder paranoid front of God and Savior

Uruguay in the wholesale cheap jerseys back also gave Argentina a sufficient threat. The last game exposure often miss the second placement with the Argentine defense before the air when the body mistakes in this game repeatedly staged China Wholesale Jerseys.
Such as the long-range opportunities Cavani, Argentina in the penalty area as much as up to eight people hang on, but no one can take into account two other closed perimeter players without the ball chinese wholesale jerseys.

Cavani The game is also very smart, as the striker has not always been the first card he stood waiting for his teammates the ball inside the penalty area, jersey wholesale the ball frequently pull to the side and the retracted, pulling the Argentina defense, if you can get relaxed unmarked or long-range opportunity pass. Tabarez if the second outstanding offensive player, Argentina this game really dangerous jerseys wholesale.

On offense, soccer jersey wholesale the first half is also quite ground threats of Argentina, in the second half is almost entirely into soccer jerseys wholesale Martino's "pass mode." Manchester Aguero front of God's speed, dribbling, with Massey, Mary as entirely unable to play. Height only 173cm, he had in the penalty area and average height over 185cm Godin - Jimenez This solid Sike Atletico Madrid in the backcourt soccer uniforms wholesale.