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June 18, the end of the 2014-15 season, the Warriors beat the Cavaliers won the championship. This year the finals of the ratings also been rising, cheap nba jerseys eventually hitting a "Houqiao Dan Age" (from the Bulls after Michael Jordan retired in 1998) of the highest ratings on record.

Before the finals this year, "Houqiao Dan era" viewership best Finals 2001 NBA Finals Lakers with 76 people, was wholesale nba jerseys averaging 1890 people watched the game on ABC radio. This year the figure reached 19.94 million, breaking the record of the year.

It is worth mentioning that in 2007, LeBron - James entered the NBA Finals for the first time, with series stadium Spurs they were only 930 million cheap authentic nba jerseys people watching.

Yesterday's sixth game of the finals attracted 23.25 million viewers, after the Spurs and Miami Heat in 2013 the largest buy cheap nba jerseys number of viewers in the tie-break game.

James career six into the finals, the average number of audience reached 16 million per game, Jordan's career Finals average number of viewers reached 2520 million. But I must mention that the times than Michael Jordan, James has more viewing nba jerseys china options period.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Washington, June 16 - Golden State Warriors on the 16th on the road to 105: 97 beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, with a total score of 4: 2 victory over opponents, since 1975 after a lapse of 40 nba jerseys cheap years won the 2014- 2015 NBA championship season.

Andre Iguodala gains MVP trophy in NBA regular season history does not get a starter and MVP player. Warriors team players who have not previously a cheap nba jerseys from china championship ring, but coach Cole also coached the team for the first time this season.

Overall Warriors hit 13 three-pointers, the Cavaliers only six. Curry and Andre Iguodala tied a team-high 25 points, Andre Iguodala and another five rebounds and five assists, Curry contributed 6 rebounds and eight assists. cheap nba jerseys australia Green recorded 16 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Knight aspect, James scored a game-high 32 points and 18 rebounds and nine assists, JR Smith added 19 points, Mozgov remove 17 points and 12 rebounds, Tristan Thompson recorded 15 points and 13 rebounds.

Warriors Benni Curry said, think of this season's pay, and ultimately won the championship trophy, I feel really special, "we definitely are a good team, cheap nba basketball jerseys it should be remembered."

Curry's father Dell was also a basketball player. After winning Curry said: "My father played for NBA16年, but never cheap authentic nba jerseys won a championship, this time he was able to share the joy with my teammates."

In NBA history, the same season won his first regular season MVP (Most Valuable Player) and the first championship of only six people, that is the sixth Curry, cheap nba jerseys china the first O'Neill after he was also in 2000.

Regular season, everyone said, rely on shooting team can not win many games; the playoffs, when everyone said, rely on shooting team to go far; Finals time, still there are people say relying shooting team, could not take the nba cheap jerseys championship. However, this relies on shooting team, but with the league's regular season record came out on top, the playoffs over five hurdles, Russell won the Cup until the final climb to the top, giving the doubters one by one resounding response. This team rely on shooting, the "little emperors" severely pulled dismounted, 40 years after another champion, proved himself to be the cheap nba jerseys free shipping true warrior. Whether you believe it or not, a new era is coming, it is from now on.

For Stephen Curry, this really is a season to lay a history of their own status. All-Star votes Wang, west starting guard, Three-Point Shootout summit, first team, of course, there are tall career's first regular-season MVP jerseys wholesale china Even more frightening is that he still continued his "perverted accurate" name of the first regular season entire season remained around 48% hit rate, the third hit rate is maintained at around 44%. If we add more than 90 percent free throw shooting, Curry hit rate reached a staggering 180-- superimposed compared to the "150 Club" standard, and perhaps the entire NBA history, it is difficult to find such a high hit rate of one Bit projection type guard. It is worth mentioning that, in the fight against the rising strength exponentially playoffs, he still remained with his hand nba jerseys cheap wholesale so well.

"I know this play, he suffered a lot of doubt, in fact, from small to great many people questioned my play." After the championship, the library finally opened their hearts, "A lot of people I say this is unreasonable, as a point guard, wholesale authentic nba jerseys in other areas should be more to help the team. And today I achieved, prove your suspicions are wrong, I was able to get the championship. "

In fact, even has won a championship, he must still bear too much meddling. Playoffs, averaging 28.3 points, five rebounds and 6.3 assists overall performance, the final surrender averaged 26 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists while shooting performance of 4.2 three-pointers, still impeccable. However, wholesale nba jerseys from china part of the Finals MVP voting, he turned out to be dazzling votes 0. In the eyes of those "old sent", apparently the final election of Andre Iguodala, more consistent than his own "taste." This can be for six years in the league only three months ago, just celebrated his 27th birthday boy, the future has only just begun. Registered to the metamorphosis, in fact unreasonable Whatdoes.

After the finals, sitting in the locker room, James said in a low words, "I have contributed everything, really, if you can contribute more, I would definitely do it, but I really have done everything. "Finals averaged 35.8 points 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists wholesale nba jerseys australia per game," James Wong, "the three main data, not only to lead all the players of both teams, it is a performance called the Guards to no solution. But even so, the Cavaliers still only have to win two games difficult.

James added, "We have a lot of talented players can not play wearing a suit, but they really too accurately. Almost everyone can vote in the third, for any team, so you can hardly rival to beat them. "Indeed, if not Loew, Owen best nba jerseys and other all-star players back injury, the end result Cavaliers, no one can predict. This is also where many experts questioned the Warriors, after all, they are not overcome one of the most formidable opponent, even, not a full Cavaliers.

However, one can not deny the fact that has been placed in front of everyone, pointers as the main way to attack outside shooting, has become the main theme of the entire NBA. This year the conference finals four teams are all "third brigade": rocket whole season hit 933 three-pointers, ranked first; Warriors 883, ranked second; Cavaliers 826, fourth; Hawks 818, fifth. "There is no doubt that this is the most mainstream of the play." cheap authentic nba jerseys from china Coaching career championship the first year of the Warriors coach Cole, this is quite touched, "If our age, it is obviously unthinkable but now it is. If there are no pointers, you go far. You must be equipped with a sufficient number of pitchers have a chance to win more games. "

Eight years ago, the Suns, Nash led that support in the entire league, blowing a "small ball whirlwind," the offensive team can not attest to the accuracy of such a play. But after eight years, when the Warriors, or almost all teams are to follow this play, NBA a new era, finally arrived.